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Your Christmas Cake is Poisonous

Your Christmas Cake is Poisonous!?!

A person holding a Christmas cake while surrounded by a sparkling clean environment. Extreme Clean logo in the corner.
Ensure a safe and festive season with Extreme Clean! Don’t let contaminants ruin your Christmas cake.

First of all, Merry Christmas 🙂 This isn’t an attempt to fear you of this beautiful season. Just a little awareness post, being in this business of Cleaning & Maintenance, we just would like to share with you some hidden dangers behind the Christmas celebration which is nothing without Yummy Cakes.

Hence, this title, “Your Christmas Cake is Poisonous!”, of course, is a bit of a marketing strategy to pitch in our Cleaning service, as some of you guys have guessed!

Christmas cakes taste unique, if not best if Home-Made. Days and Weeks would have been spent on preparation and storage, awaiting December 25th. But, isn’t the apparatus we use adding poisonous flavours to the Cake we make/made?

From the Fridge we cool, the Oven we heat, the Pan we play with, the Sink we wash, the Tables that stand the Cake, everything does its part to spoil the goodness of our Christmas cake!

Making of Christmas Cake!

Our Home is the storage of infection-causing bacteria; the Source of bacteria – is the environment around our home, wherever we go and get back. Be it Office, Mall, Transit or any public place.

When you clean your Home on Christmas Eve, after a big break, you find it clean to your naked eye. It may not, but even if it is, Bacteria tend to get more impressed towards a spot from where it has been evacuated, recently & violently.

Bacteria have become immune to all the cleaning products you easily get from the market. Household hands are mere jokers for them. Never think of Gloves!

There isn’t anything bad to aid the services of pro cleaners. Being dependent on fellow humans isn’t a crime or a Christmas special crime. What we spend today, is the need of someone tomorrow. Spread Christ’s love this Christmas season. Wish a cleaner, a Merry Christmas, by Hiring his service for your House cleaning prior to celebrations. FYI, we are a bunch of pro-cleaners, serving Perth and other locations of Western Australia.

Wait! Do you buy it from Bakeries?

You may think this is a good and easy option, but not all bakeries would mind clean kitchens amidst this busiest schedule of every year. Bakers run out of time every December, receiving orders not just from residences. Beware of it, and ensure that they ensure a Hygiene cooking environment.

A concerned individual holding a Christmas cake with a red 'X' mark, highlighting the importance of a safe and clean environment with Extreme Clean.
Don’t let your Christmas cake be poisonous! Ensure a safe and healthy home with Extreme Clean’s powerful cleaning solutions

Ask them for the Cleaners they rely on, or their in-house cleaners. If none are exclusive, better send goodbye to the Bakery. We, ECA are renowned for commercial kitchen cleaning in and around Perth of WA. Google it if you don’t believe it, google it as ‘commercial kitchen cleaning Perth’.

We take immense pride in that, being in this cleaning industry, serving WA, and sustaining the trust of WA residences and commercial industries for the past 23 yrs, since 1993.

Dominos, KFC, Brumby’s, Wokinabox, Hogs Beath Cafe and The Coffee Club are the big fishes of our customer base in WA. It doesn’t restrict our cleaning service to small-size businesses or individual homes in Perth, we weigh every customer on same scale.

Merry Christmas again 🙂
Never intended to shake your joyousness.
The cake isn’t as poisonous as we depict, but it’s no less either!
Comment below if it doesn’t go well with you.
We grow on debugging criticism.

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