Extreme Clean

Tennis Court Cleaning

  Tennis Court Cleaning Services in Perth Revitalize Your Sports Surface with Expert Pressure Cleaning & Tennis Court Cleaning. Outdoor sports courts like tennis or netball courts endure the full brunt of Perth’s weather, from scorching sun to heavy downpours. Over time, these elements can degrade the playing surface, affecting both its appearance and performance. […]

Bore Stain Removal

  Bore Stain Removal Services in Perth Are bore stains tarnishing the appearance of your kerbing, walls, driveway, or garden? Don’t let rust and iron-like bore stains mar the beauty of your property. Restore its pristine look with our specialized bore stain cleaning services at Extreme Clean in Perth. Bore stains can quickly diminish the […]

House Pressure Washing

  House Pressure Washing Services in Perth Are layers of grime, soot, dust, and dirt detracting from the beauty of your home’s exterior? Restore its original allure with our comprehensive house pressure cleaning services at Extreme Clean in Perth. Over time, the walls of your house accumulate stains, dirt, marks, and oil, diminishing its appearance. […]

Pressure Roof Cleaning

  Roof Cleaning Services in Perth Is your roof covered in moss or looking tired and dull? Restore its former glory without the need for painting or coating with our professional roof pressure washing service at Extreme Clean in Perth! In Perth, the most common degradation seen on metal or tiled roofs is the slow […]

Driveway Cleaning

  Professional Driveway Cleaning Services in Stirling, Perth Is your driveway losing its charm due to unsightly stains and grime buildup? Restore its beauty and enhance your home’s curb appeal with our professional driveway pressure cleaning services at Extreme Clean in Stirling, Perth. Exposed to harsh weather conditions and constant vehicle traffic, driveways often accumulate […]

Concrete Cleaning

  Professional Concrete Cleaning Services in Stirling, Perth At Extreme Clean, we understand that despite their durability, concrete surfaces can easily accumulate dirt, stains, and spills due to their porous nature. That’s why we offer specialised concrete pressure cleaning services to restore the pristine appearance of your concrete surfaces. From driveways and patios to footpaths […]

Paver Cleaning

  Paver Cleaning Services in Stirling, Perth Is your brick paving losing its shine due to stains and dirt accumulation? Restore its original beauty with our specialized paver cleaning services at Extreme Clean in Stirling, Perth. Pavers are crafted from various materials, each vulnerable to different types of stains and wear. Regular cleaning not only […]

Drain Cleaning

logged or inefficient rooftop drains can lead to water accumulation, leaks, and even structural damage. Our specialised rooftop drain cleaning service is designed to keep your rooftop drains clear and free-flowing, ensuring proper water drainage and preventing potential issues.

Fan & Duct Cleaning

t Extreme Clean, we understand the importance of keeping your rooftop fans and ducts clean and well-maintained. After all, they play a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment in your commercial or industrial building. That’s why we offer a specialised rooftop fan and duct cleaning service that will leave your HVAC system fresh, efficient, and ready to provide optimal airflow.

Roof Cleaning

Imagine looking up and seeing a pristine rooftop, free from dirt and unsightly stains. With Extreme Clean, we can make that vision a reality. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to effectively clean and rejuvenate your rooftop. When you choose our rooftop cleaning service, we start by conducting […]