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STRIKE is a one shot liquid laundry detergent that contains a balanced blend of biodegradable surfactants and soil suspension agents that penetrate into the fabrics, loosens and lifts soils to prevent re-deposition. STRIKE is suitable for use in both hard and soft water, in either hot or cold washes or in top or front load washing machines.

RECOMMENDED DILUTIONS: DOMESTIC: 1/4 cup in average sized machines. COMMERCIAL: 1 cup (250 mls) per 45kg dry weight. Concentrations may vary depending on water hardness or temperature. STRIKE can be used safely in conjunction with; LAUNDRY PRESPRAY (stain remover); OXYBLEACH (fabric whitener); & SO-SOFT (fabric softener).
This product is not classified as Hazardous or Dangerous. In the interests of safety please use PPE when handling concentrate and avoid unnecessary contact with eyes and skin. DO NOT DRINK. Keep product and solutions out of reach of children.

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