Patio Areas

Patio Areas Cleaning in and around Perth

Are you embarrassed to invite friends over because your Patio is covered with mould? has your patio turned into a dangerous damp and extremely slippery surface?


Don’t have any more embarrassing worries about your slippery Patio. Extreme Clean Australia removes all the mould and build up on your patio and turns it into one of the most amazing assets of your Home.

No matter what kind of Patios you have – be its slabs, concrete or shingle, we clean and make it look excellent. It is certain that your patios must look neat as your rooms do , and we owe the same safekeeping.


While it is hard to clean your patios with the ordinary brush and soapy water, it is easy to clean them with the pressurized hot water, our Hot Water High Pressure cleaning.

A Patio area is more likely to get critical stains like liqueur splash, cookout fats and sauce drops. Bacteria and Mold starts accommodating at the edges and make it unfit to use. We prefer these areas to heed much as they are the best cheap spots for holidays and parties.

Don’t wait a minute longer! Get your patio cleaned up best with a call to 1300-EXTREME or an inquiry email to, the contact source of ECA Extreme Clean Australia, your next best cleaning company from Perth.