Graffiti Removal

Perth Graffiti Removal Hot Water High Pressure

Embarrassing Graffiti on your wall or property? tried to clean it yourself but it hasn’t come off yet? Perth’s number 1 Company for Graffiti Removal – Extreme Clean Australia was established in 1999 and guarantees Customer Satisfaction. Graffiti is an ongoing problem in nowadays, it is a huge nuisance, whether it is on a commercial or business property or in a private property or on Public Amenities.

Don’t put up with this anymore, don’t’ be embarrassed to invite people to your residence or business – call us at ECA Extreme Clean Australia – Perth’s number one choice for Graffiti Removal in Perth on 1300-EXTREME (1300 398 736) or email

Fully Insured & Guaranteed Graffiti Removal Services


All our cleaning services, including Graffiti Removal are guaranteed and fully insured. No job is too big or too too small – whether it is a door or a huge wall, we can help. Our highly experienced team at Extreme Clean Australia has been servicing all areas of Perth for over 15 years providing all cleaning services including Graffiti Removal.

Quality and service is of the utmost of importance to ECA, which is why our motto reads “Customers for Life”. Our commitment to excellence, intergrity and reliability makes us to stand out.

Need us now? Don’t wait a minute longer – call us on 1300-EXTREME (1300 398 736) or email