Tile and Grout High Pressure Cleaning

It is quite a frustrating job trying to keep your tiles and grout clean. Have you tried all types of cleaning products? Not able to remove all the stains but the odor from the cleaning products giving you a headache. Leave it to the experts. We can remove years of dirt, grime and unwanted old mess from your floors making cleaning a lot more manageable again.

Tile cleaned up by ECA Extreme Clean in Perth, Western Australia

Average household tile cleaning involves the application of a solution, wash rinse and dry. Tile cleaning, if not taken care properly can degenerate the look.

Grout is porous in nature and is prone to accumulation of muck, stain, and slicks, often resulting in discoloration of the surface of the floor. The regular cleaning process cannot remove the hidden grime that is present deep inside the pores of the grout. Grout gets exposed a lot to corrosion and affected by the dirt residue left over by simple mopping.

You may assess your grout is clear, do you think the actual color of tiles was the same over a period after the grime casted? The floor becomes a procreation spot for bacteria, fungus and smut,  and endangering your dear ones. Scrubbing and mopping are least helpful methods of floor cleaning.

Our floor cleaning service of high pressure refurbishes your floors and brings back the glossy looks. Our cleaning service extends to

  • wooden floors
  • hardwood floors
  • commercial floors
  • vinyl floors
  • residential floors
  • industrial floors

We make sure your tiles are not ruined. We steadily endeavor for achieving 100% customer fulfillment. Our cleaners assess and identify the right solution your floor needs.

At  ECA Extreme Clean Australia, we engross High Pressure Grout and Tile cleaning services and facilitate your property with hygiene irrespective of the tile type – ceramic, porcelain or terracotta.  As we engage high pressure cleaning, ugly stains, oil masses, dirty strips are chased away.

Your efforts to clean the tile on walls, privy or kitchens may be taxing. We wipe out your agony for your kid to play hold on wall tiles when your kid tries to step up.

ECA Extreme Clean Australia has been the go to high pressure specialists for Perth. Our vast client base is due to our positive customer recommendations so you can be sure you are only dealing with the best Pressure cleaning Company in Perth.

Our team have all the right equipment in our vehicles to complete a great job, not only is the products we use high quality and environment-friendly but you are also having someone who cares about your tiles and grout. The results are always perfectly clean -floors that you can walk on and show off to your family and friends

If you have a question or would like a quote – don’t wait a minute longer – call us on 1300-EXTREME (1300 398 736) or email info@extreme-clean.com.au