Public Amenities

Pressure Cleaning for Perth Public Amenities

Looking for a company that provides Public Amenities cleaning on a regular basis? Maybe you need a company to get rid of the graffiti or bad odor that you can’t clean yourself? ECA Extreme Clean Australia is a set of professional crew to host a challenge to the microbes and bacteria growing at Public Amenities, the cleaning company from Perth.


ECA has been the first choice of Perth for cleaning of public amenities in WA. We work for purging of dirt from

  • public pools
  • public telephones
  • drinking fountains ..etc.

Our excellence also extends to

  • public area cleaning
  • cleansing elevators and staircase lobbies which insist intense cleaning to reach the gaps
  • public toilet cleaning

Public restrooms though are visited by the most number of people now and then, our Hot Water High Pressure cleaning allows us to clean and sanitize these places best and fast. This includes cleaning floors, mirrors, sink fixtures, toilet paper roll dispensers..etc. Our own cleaning liquids kill invincible germs growing at the toilets, sinks, and door handles of public restrooms.

So, public amenities are no more galling! ECA Extreme Clean Australia would turn them into a place for a piece of peace. Call us right now at 1300-EXTREME or email at