Key Personnel

Key Personnel – ECA Extreme Clean Australia

Paul Mifsud (Director) – 9 years experience

Qualifications – Mechanical Engineer

1After serving his apprenticeship with BGC, Paul has recognized a need for commercial kitchen cleaning and in 1999 he decided to go into business for himself.  Paul and a mate started out with a small pressure cleaner on a trailer doing work for Domino’s Pizza.  Since starting and with their reputation quickly growing, the business started to evolve.  It moved away from just commercial kitchens and onto high pressure cleaning of outdoor areas, graffiti removal and general maintenance.  Realizing demand was growing at such a rapid rate, Paul needed to custom design equipment to streamline all his processes. What he didn’t realize was that by doing this he was then able to save his clients money by becoming more productive, Paul introduced Cliff White in the role of Business Development Manager.  The role was created to ensure the business  stayed compliant with all state legislation and to progress the business to become a quality company.  In 2008 and realizing the need for the business to be recognized as a market leader, ECA Extreme Clean Australia was born.

Today after having secured many of the big fast good establishments through great service and a constant focus of quality, ECA is now focused on becoming the preferred choice for councils throughout Perth.

We have all the necessary equipment to complete all aspects of cleaning.  We have developed a rotary floor cleaner for use of all hard surfaces.  The cleaner has a unique water capturing system which ensures the floor (once cleaned) is dry is minutes.  It is with these initiatives and the passion to keep evolving our equipment that makes us the right choice for you.