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High Pressure Cleaning Services for Perth Hospitals & Healthcare

Extreme Clean Australia offers Hospital Pressure cleaning services throughout Perth, WA. We understand how vital the Cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation process saves lives and improves patient outcomes in a Hospital. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment in the Hospital, which is imperative for the better health of the patients and safe for the Visitors and Staff. We put our focus on responsible, reliable cleaning procedures. Our healthcare facilities cleaning meets not just the minimum hospital cleaning standards specified by WA Health Department, we strive for 100% hygienic medical environment.


Hospital Cleaning Procedure

Our standard Medical facilities (Hospital) cleaning responsibility involves:

  • Hospital theatre room cleaning
  • Patient room and inter transport area cleaning
  • Clinical area cleaning
  • Hospital floor cleaning with our Rotary Floor cleaner
  • Medical suits cleaning as per Australian Standard AS 3789.2
  • Medical Staff room cleaning
  • Administration area cleaning
  • Clinic Car park area cleaning
  • Hospital Kitchen area cleaning
  • Vermin and Insect control within the Hospital environment
  • Healthcare Physical facility cleaning
  • Cleaning of Furnitures in the Medical Centre
  • Hygiene surveillance

WA Health – Hospital Cleaning Standards

We further understand the importance of sterilization of medical instruments and equipment and how it helps cleaning disinfection for improved results, the Australian Standard AS 4187 explains it better. We monitor the healthcare recommended temperatures for fridge and freezers that sterilizes the medical instruments and equipment for the outcome perfect test results.

We adapt proper hospital cleaning procedures, our cleaning schedules are displayed and updated from time to time. Our hospital cleaning products are manufactured as per the healthcare cleanliness standards, No-Prob is one such product made and owned by ECA Extreme Clean Australia.


Our staffs are trained to handle any types of medical facilities cleaning needs in a perfect way, including the Waste Management process, be it normal medical waste or hazardous sharp objects, with an eye on public and environment safety.

Our core focus is to ensure 100% quality services and commitment to excellence, be it a multinational hospital or a mid-level medical clinic, we prove our dedication in providing reliable healthcare facilities cleaning service, approved by the WA Health Department.

So call ECA Extreme Clean Australia, the default choice for Hospital Cleaning in Perth on 1300-EXTREME (1300 398 736) or email