High Pressure Cleaning The ECA Extreme

Do you know High Pressure cleaning can save you hours and in a lot of cases even days of scrubbing? ECA Extreme Clean Australia is the Perth’s number one choice when it comes to High Pressure cleaning.

High pressure cleaning removes stain, dirt, paint, smoke damages, cleans concrete, stainless steel and more. It is also used to clean internal walkways, car parks, swimming pools and much more in an effortless way.


High-pressure cleaning is the practice of using cold or hot water with extraordinary compression. This high pressure proliferates the cleaning procedure and eradicates even the smallest smut and grime from your premises.

If you are having a garage where you break your back that is the garment with lubricants, greases, and oils, there is a big chance of hardened oil stains and smut on your property. As an in a keeper, you might be pondering and toiling to clean your property.

Certainly! You must know the various types of pressure cleaning services available right now in the market, though the major ones are the hot water high-pressure cleaning and cold water high-pressure cleaning. Test yourself in the knowledge of the difference between these two before selecting one.

Significant differences between

Hot Water and Cold Water High-Pressure washing:

In both of these cleaning approaches, water is used at a very high pressure, but the final outcome differs depending on the type of the water that is being used i.e. hot or cold and moreover it depends on the surface that you are washing.

Oil grimes along with dirt can only be cleared away with the hot water high-pressure cleaning process. While microbes such as bacteria are only killed by using the of hot water cleaning.

On the other hand, cold water high-pressure cleaning is perfect for eliminating dirt but are entirely ineffective in killing the microbes like bacteria associated with the dirt allowing re-growth of microbes. The hot water cleaning not only clears the prevailing germs but also prevents them from developing again.

With Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning:
  • The water temperature can be raised between 12 and 155 degree Celsius
  • It reduces working pressure
  • Cleaning time is comparatively reduced
  • Only less amount of detergent is required
  • Better cleaning and shorter drying time

The difference between these two type of cleaning process is better explained from washing the oily plates in the sink. Even if you use as much soap as possible, you are merely sullying the oil around in cold water. But, if you add a little hot water to it, then it slices through the grease and lard in a span of seconds. Similar process as stated applies to cleaning with a pressure cleaning.

As suggested earlier, cleaning a chewing gum with hot water will purely liquescent the adhesive gum from the floor or surface. While, using the cold water cleaning in this occasion is utterly useless.

So, which one do you prefer? obviously, it depends on the type of the property or surface that you are going to clean. While cold water high-pressure cleaning dispels away the dirt and smut from the exteriors with ease, it is usually ineffective in eliminating the grease and germs completely.


I guess you would think for a while before you go for cleaning service? Call us at ECA Extreme Clean Australia – Perth’s number one choice, on 1300-EXTREME or email info@extreme-clean.com.au for a quote on High pressure cleaning for your home or business.

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We use unique biodegradable products for high pressure hot water cleaning, which are safe and effective in result. In addition to it, we also adapt advanced hot water high pressure machine and environment-friendly methods of cleaning.