Factory Cleaning

Factory Warehouse Cleaning

Do you require Factory Cleaning service on a regular basis in Perth? ECA Extreme Clean Australia has serviced all areas of Perth since 1999 and has great attention to detail, happy only if our customers are happy.

If your Factory or Warehouse needs wash downs, floor, ceiling or wall cleaning, or any kind of tough and safe cleaning of your property – then you’ve come to the perfect place.


ECA Extreme Clean Australia understands how busy and full on a typical week can be in the office – the last thing you and your staff want to do is not to stay at office for extended time for some hours cleaning. Why not get a company who take care and look after your premises, making it look brand new every clean!!!

We engage workers with appropriate skills, attitude and expertise to do the job right. Our cleaners’ authorization from the Police Department of Australia and approval from Management is definite. We are your best partner for round the clock cleaning services. In the meantime, check this article, “Must Read for Messy Desks; Not a Merry Read”, written by one of our staff, copyright ECA Extreme Clean Australia, 2016-2020.

Factories require customized cleaning procedures according to the environment and needs. Food factories are governed to poignant periodic report analysis, and proofs of inspections and maintenance accounts are of prominence. ECA excels in all these sorts of red headed jobs.

ECA Extreme Clean Australia, with years of commercial cleaning expertise, skilled to handle any kind of machinery, learns the tricky mechanism in the process of cleaning. ECA assures exceptional cleaning service with utmost care for warehouse stock or the machinery of factories we partner with. We do provide cleaning service for food factory, desalination plant, transport yard, shipyard, production workshop, storage yard etc.

The basic service includes professional cleaning of factory equipment, manufacturing production lines etc., sweeping and disposal of waste, scrubbing floors for oil and grease removal, and our expert high pressure cleaning process.


High Pressure Cleaning is employed at big factories as deeper cleaning is essential. The size of the place should collaborate with the appropriate cleaning methods. We are also concerned about safety measures to safeguard your machines in your factory. Our cleaning methods are approved by respective organisations, and appreciated by all factories and warehouses of Perth we have served.

ECA’s cleaning staff are certified to clean manufacturing units and production lines, skilled enough to turn it out neat with safe. We care for

your management and production equipment with our customized cleaning tools and chemical agents that would degrease factory machines are messed with filth. Warehouse cleaning will demand power scrubbing, sweeping or acid washing. Hence, high pressure cleaning is involved in removing the solid smut that resists easy removal.

Our team provide Free no obligation sample cleaning so you can see for yourself how great our staff is and how well our work is.