Cleanliness Index of Australia: How Important Is Cleanliness For Australians

Recently, Australia was rated as the 3rd cleanest country in the world with an Environmental Performance Index score of 82.4. With the kind of importance that the government gives to cleanliness, environmental awareness, and public health, it comes as no surprise to know that Australia is one of the cleanest countries of the world.

As part of our cleaning services at Extreme Clean Australia, we make it a point to analyse where and how Australians search for anything related to cleanliness.

The total population of Australia is 23,627,800 with a majority of the population densely spread on the east coast and the rest of the state of Western Australia. What percentage of this population focuses on searches for cleaning and cleaning related services on a monthly basis? The answer to this question will also give clear indicators to why Australia is considered as the leading cleanliness-focused country in the world.

We did a quick analysis of the search patterns and the general search behaviour of Australia. For this research, we used the following top keywords for analysis:

  1. Cleaning services
  2. Office Cleaning
  3. House Cleaning
  4. Commercial Cleaning
  5. Floor cleaning

It’s a norm in all states of Australia to make use of professional cleaning service providers for both residential and commercial cleaning services. This is as per the Australian government’s mandate to commercial enterprises to comply to cleanliness and hygiene norms. To ensure compliance, commercial entities prefer to outsource the service to professional cleaning service providers rather than keeping it in-house, which would be highly expensive. Hence, we have picked a combination of residential, commercial and service related keywords for comparisons.

According to Google Trends and Google Adwords, average monthly searches for top related keywords for the shortlisted keywords are as follows.

1. Cleaning Services



cleaning services


2. Office Cleaning

office cleaning


3. House Cleaning

House cleaning services


4. Commercial Cleaning


commercial cleaning


5. Floor cleaning

floor-cleaning services


Search Behaviour – Volumes of Searches:

According to the search behaviour report, male and females have an almost equal interest in cleaning, with the number of females searching for the targeted keywords only marginally higher than those by males.



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