Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

20140821_105617ECA Extreme Clean Australia provides a superior cleaning service that reduces the effect on the environment while impacting positively on your business’s image.  This public image is enhanced through responsible environmental behaivor and an interest in employee wellbeing.  We recognize that our success depends of the people who represent us.

Our clients demand a meticulous service, which includes minimizing the introduction of toxins into the environment.  We customize our packages to our clients’ needs whilst ensuring that the highest level of environment sustainability is maintained.

The cleaning machninery we use effectively reduces dust, noise emissions, chemical waste and energy usage.

ECA guarantees client satisfaction as we liaise consistently with our customers to ensure their expectations are exceeded.  Our policies and plans have been systematically developed.  In order to gain commitment for there implementaion, they have been developed with the input of our team.  All of our policies and systems are fully documented and communicated with all technicians within our organization.

Quality and service is of the upmost of importance to ECA, which is why our motto reads “Customers for Life”.  Our commitment to excellence, intergrity and reliability makes us to stand out.